You Don’t Have To Be A Big Corporation To Have Great Photography

Many small business owners shy away from having proper photoshoots done. I’ve seen websites filled with images taken on phones, or generated by users. The photographs might be very old and low quality, or presented in a very small size. All of this adds up to what is, unfortunately, a less professional and trustworthy impression than the company owners may be hoping for.

The worst part about this is that there is absolutely no reason to not have great photography on your website and your sales pages. It doesn’t take long to set up and take images like those on this page - in fact, the small shoot I did for the nail varnish below took less than half an hour. When you take that into consideration, it should be clear that you can hire a photographer by the hour and keep costs low.

Going with an experienced professional is always your best bet - though a student or an amateur may be cheaper, they may also be considerably lower quality. My product shoot packages start at just £150 for four hours of work - and for most small businesses, that should be enough to cover a wide product range. Everything can be done with my mobile studio kit, so I can either come to you or you can send the products to me. Some business owners like to be on set to ensure everything looks just as they want it to, while others prefer to simply offer examples of what they want. Both approaches are equally fine and effective, so the shoot runs the way that you feel comfortable.

If you are interested in booking a product shoot, get in touch now. There’s no sense in delaying, and invoices are payable after the shoot. If you’d like to discuss some ideas or have an informal chat, just drop me an email whenever you’re ready!

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