Winter Shoot Day 2016 - Part 1

Recently I held my fourth shoot day, marking the Winter 2016 event with a group of models in Shoreditch. It was a lot of fun with a lot of great characters, and as I’m sure you will be able to see from the images, we all had a fantastic time. I’m putting the full set up on Facebook, but you can also see some select images here and on my portfolio pages. 

Shoot days are a crazy thing to try and manage, with a lot of planning before the day and messaging back and forth to make sure the right people are involved. It’s all worth it when it comes together on the day, though of course I always regret it immediately afterwards - I had over 1000 shots to go through after this session! I’m looking to schedule another shoot day very soon, for Spring 2016 - likely in May - and a Summer 2016 shoot day not long after that. Please do get in touch if you want to know more, and of course remember to sign up to my newsletter to see casting calls and notices first.

Here’s a small selection of the images we took on the day. I’ll be uploading more here next week as well as updating with the second half of this blog post, so keep your eyes peeled! Featured in the images here are the outstanding models Zydrunas Razma, Remell Ragoo, Jose Palma, and Franck Assi.

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