Why Informal Shoots Make Better Model Portfolios

You may have seen lately a shift in my portfolio, away from formal studio-based shoots and towards more informal settings such as cafes and parks. This has been a deliberate change over the past couple of years, and is something I feel really benefits models so much more than the classic white backdrop. Here’s why you should be looking at informal shoots if you want to make a better portfolio.

  • It’s a better for lifestyle brands, who can see you in the environment that they would cast you in.
  • It shows you as you, not as a Photoshopped alien, which is great for advertising but not so great for your portfolio.
  • It’s a lot more relaxed and fun for everyone involved.
  • It makes you a more interesting subject.
  • It’s popular in current photography trends, which means you’re on point and looking modern.
  • There’s less pressure to pose at odd and uncomfortable angles.
  • You can meet a photographer in a safe location, in the public view.
  • There is room for endless variety, instead of that same white backdrop over and over.
  • During one shoot, you can create a varied portfolio that doesn’t look like you’ve only had one photoshoot ever even though that might be the case.
  • It’s easier to find shoot locations and takes zero time to set up.
  • It helps you to relax more and look better in your photos.
  • Candids actually look candid.
  • Even the posed shots look more real.

Get in touch if you want to book an informal portfolio shoot - special prices for models start at just £25 + travel.

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