Where to find paid modelling work

Models, I know you’re looking for ways to make some money. Shooting TFP is all well and good, but you want to bring home the bacon too, right? The only question is how. Here are a few ways in which you can find paid modelling work, so long as you are set up and ready with a full portfolio!

1. Modelling sites

Yes, places like Model Mayhem, StarNow, and so forth do on occasion offer paid work. You just have to sift through to find them. Bear in mind that competition for these roles is high, and you will sometimes need to upgrade your account in order to apply.

2.  Acting sites

Actually, a lot of actors do modelling work too, and some of it can be pretty lucrative. Sites like Total Talent or specific casting networks can provide you with these opportunities, even if you are not an established actor.

3. Agencies

Alright, so you probably could have guessed this one. Getting into an agency means you have more chance of getting paid work, though it is by no means guaranteed. But if you are serious about modelling, consider trying out for an agency or two.

4. Social media

You can’t find paid work on social media… or can you? Actually, Facebook groups for models can be a way to find work pretty easily. Again, competition is high, but if your portfolio stands out and you apply only for roles you are suited to, you could luck out.

5. Local studios

Lots of photography studios offer hire days where a model comes in and lots of amateurs pay to shoot her, often as part of a tuition course. Let local studios know that you are around and they may get you involved in one of these.

6. Fashion sites

Fashion Jobs is a great one for this, as brands are always looking for fit models through their listings. Try other fashion sites as well - anywhere with a jobs or classified section will be a great start.

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