The Rules of Covering Fashion Shows

So, this is going to be a brief run-through of some of the biggest rules to follow when covering fashion shows. As a photographer, I’ve learned a lot on a steep curve - and there are lots of mistakes you don’t want to make. Here are my thoughts!

  • Get a press pass - seriously, don’t try to get into the press pit without one! You’ll be thrown out and lose a great spot, as well as the respect of the other photographers
  • Stay hydrated - you probably won’t have time to eat, but do try to stay hydrated. You will often find free water and tea or coffee in the press office.
  • Be proactive - three shows in one day? Hit them all. Hear about an upcoming show from a fellow photographer? Get applying as soon as you get home. Don’t miss a single opportunity.
  • Travel fast and light - you’ll need to move between catwalks, halls, or buildings quickly to get from show to show on a tight schedule. On that note, don’t carry anything unnecessary. Strip your kit down to the bare minimum and get rid of anything you don’t need - you will regret having too much to carry later, especially if there are press samples to take home.
  • Focus - when the show is on, block out everything else. Yes, including that elbow on your head. Yes, including the fact that someone just stuck a lens out at your hip. You need to capture each look as it comes down that catwalk, and if you let someone else distract you, you’ll miss out.

That’s my top tips for now. I just shot Pure, Scoop, and Fashion Undressed recently - the shots will be appearing in magazines soon, so keep an eye out for those appearing in my published portfolio!

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