The 10 Mobile Apps All Models Should Be Using

If you are an up and coming model, you can get a head start by making sure that you have all the right tools at their disposal. The rise of the InstaGirls is one that is well documented, and if you want to join their ranks, you should try out the following apps and see what a difference they can make to your career.

10. Pinterest

If you want quick and easy inspiration on the go, Pinterest is the place to look. Set up boards featuring shoots that you would like to recreate, interesting poses, facial expressions, how-to guides for hair and make up, and so on. Then you can refer back to these on set to make sure that you are never short of a shape to throw.

9. MyFitnessPal

If you struggle to keep to a healthy diet or exercise regime, MyFitnessPal will keep you honest. This app asks you to record your daily meals as well as any exercise you have done, tells you how many calories you have taken in overall, and even tells you what weight you will be in a few weeks if you continue with this trend. Other apps, like Livestrong, can also provide similar functions.

8. 2Do

Those models who are always on the go - or who are trying hard to build a reputation and portfolio - will have a lot of tasks to get through in any given day. To ensure that you do not forget to sign that release, reply to that email, search for that inspiration, or book that hair appointment, use a task list app like 2Do. There are several similar options available.

7. Top Models

We all need to have a little fun with what we do, and the Top Models game could just provide that for you. There are plenty of game apps centring around the idea of building your character up into a famous model - and you might even learn a few things along the way if you pay close attention.

6. SetMore

Models who are starting to book in a lot of shoots could do with this app. Set it up via an online account for free and people can use a unique link to book shoots with you - or they can use it through your phone if you happen to be with them. You can also review your appointments and edit them through the app. I use it to book my shoots and it’s very handy.

5. Photoshop, or similar photo editing app

If you want your images to look great straight from your phone, step one is to choose good lighting, and step two is to edit them. There are a range of photo editing apps out there, and they can help you go further than the basic settings in Instagram.

4. Fashion Network Original

Keeping up with the latest catwalk shows can give you the knowhow to impress bookers - and you might just see yourself on this app one day if you work hard. The app shows you all the latest images from recent fashion shows, as well as interviews and close up features on hair and make up.

3. iPort

Anything designed by a Victoria’s Secret model has to get a high rating on this list, and iPort was put together by Lyndsey Scott to provide a free portfolio platform that models can use. If you want to show agencies or bookers your book but you can’t afford the real thing, this one will allow you to present your images in a traditional format - in a very modern way.

2. DropBox

A lot of photographers will use DropBox to send over images after a shoot, and this app will allow you to review them as soon as they arrive. Not only that, but you can upload files straight to Instagram - a much better option than taking a grainy picture of your computer screen. Additionally, you can download something or take a photo with your phone, then upload it to DropBox in order to be able to view and use it on a computer later.

1. Instagram

With a huge rise in users over the last couple of years and a very clear impact on the world of modelling, this has to be the best option for any model. Even if you have only a few images in your portfolio, it’s time to get them out there. Like, comment on, and follow photographers and make up artists that you would like to work with. Use the right hashtags to get yourself noticed. Above all, network like crazy!

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