Supermarket Siesta

A quick word today about Supermarket Siesta, and the event I attended recently to promote it - you may have seen me live blogging on my Instagram stories!

This was a fantastic event with lots of tasty food to enjoy, which is why you will see my main coverage over at over the next week (Vines and reviews coming soon). There were a couple of things at the event that don’t quite fit in with my food blog, so here’s a quick word about those.

One of the stand-out workshops for me was decorating my own gingerbread man courtesy of Biscuiteers, so I dressed it up in the outfit I was wearing on the day - albeit not very well! I also had a lot of fun making a flower wristband with Bloom and Wild, which has to be my favourite new accessory. Fresh, easily swapped out to match outfits, and so unique - I love it!

There were a huge array of brands represented at the event, which was a lot of fun to attend. We finished with a massive feast - more details on that in the VegBurge round up!

I attended courtesy of Pet Shop UK, so big thanks to them for extending the invitation! 

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