Sort Your Shoot Wardrobe With YourTotes

Recently I was offered the chance to try out a free trial of the YourTotes service in order to get an idea for what it’s all about. YourTotes offers you the chance to try a monthly subscription to their clothing rental service.

It’s a simple concept, but hugely effective. The way it works is that you pay a monthly fee to have a certain amount of clothes sent out to you at a time during the month. When you have worn the clothes, just send them back in the pre-stamped envelopes - no need to wash them or return them to a particular location. 

For photographers or stylists, this could be an especially great service. You can get as many clothes as you like week in and week out, perfect for shooting with once and then sending back. You never have to repeat the same outfit twice, and of course you can always wear them yourself on special occasions too.

You always choose the clothes, too - you have a rental queue which you add things to whenever you like the look of them. Then you get them sent out to you every time you have returned another piece. It’s a rotating wardrobe on tap!

I decided to try out the YourTotes clothes with a photoshoot, testing how they would work in real situations. I worked with models Bella Kuffour Monks and Katie Simmons, and make-up artist Rachel Collins of Make Up and Mane. Take a look at the gallery below to see how the shoot turned out!

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