Shoot Feature: Spottinstyle

Recently, I was able to put together one of my shoot days in aid of a contest that I’m running with Spottinstyle. I’ve been part of the Spottinstyle site since its early days, and you may well remember some of the events I’ve covered street style at for them - like the Vogue Festival and London Fashion Week. This time around it was all about capturing street style in Shoreditch.

Some models were invited to come down, while others were caught on the day. All of the images ended up in the SpottinShoreditch Next Face Of gallery, part of the Next Face Of contest.

There’s still time to vote in or enter the contest, as it finishes at midnight on the 15th November. The winner gets to try out my four-hour model tuition service for free, so it’s definitely worth going for!

I’ve added some of the detail shots from the day below, so you can see the outfits in closer detail. Remember to head to the site for more!

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