Shoot Feature: Hot City Summer

With one of the hottest days of the summer bearing down on us, I recently shot in London with three beautiful models: Amy, Arevika, and Alexandra. Safe to say, they brought their A-game!

It was a crazy day, with sudden torrential downpours, strangers stealing dogs to impress one of the girls, and a lot of Starbucks, but we made it through with some fantastic shots. If you’re interested in taking part in a shoot like this one, giving you images for your portfolio, get in touch. For a limited time, I’ll be offering these for expenses only (travel fee plus refreshments, normally £15 to £20 maximum). Take advantage of this great offer before it vanishes - because it will!

Here are three shots from the day - make sure to check out my portfolio pages, and head over to Instagram or Facebook, to see more!

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