Shoot feature: 2015 F1 British Grand Prix

This year, just as always, I was at Silverstone taking some shots of drivers before the British Grand Prix. It’s always a lot of fun to try and catch them as they are going in for briefings, though it’s often more down to luck than anything else. With several different routes they can take to get in, and a lot of subterfuge involving blank helmets and plain scooters, often we can end up missing the big names. This year was a great one however, and while there were a few names I would have liked to get, you have to get very lucky to find the whole grid.

I’ve included a few small preview images below, but for the full gallery, head over to my Redbubble gallery. There you will find all of the images from this year and previous ones, and you will also be able to buy a variety of printed items including posters and postcards.

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