Shoot Feature: Deen Pontefract

On one of my recent shoot days in London (get in touch if you’re interested in taking part in the next), I headed for Shoreditch for a few sessions with male models. First up was Deen Pontefract, who I shot around the tunnel area. This is one of my favourite locations to shoot, because you just know that there is going to be a new background every time you visit!

We tried out a few different outfits of course, and I’m definitely happy with the results. Deen has something of an understated cool and calm about him, which works well alongside my cold colour toning. He also has a great wardrobe, which really helped for this shoot!

You can see the full set of images below - and of course you can also find them on my Instagram account, so follow me there if you want to see sneak previews and up to date features of more shoots like this.

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