Preparing for a tuition session

So, you’ve signed up for a model tuition session with me and you’re eagerly awaiting the date. What do you do to prepare in the meantime? Here’s how you can get yourself ready for our session and come prepared!

  • Think about any questions you want to ask. What do you need to know to succeed?
  • Prepare a modelling kit and choose an outfit you want to use in your portfolio
  • Check out your hair and skin. Anything you can do before our session to get them at your best?
  • Learn a new makeup technique so you will look stunning on the day
  • Double check our arrangements so you’re on time and in the right place
  • Practice your expressions in the mirror or by taking selfies
  • Tell your friends - you’ll earn a £10 referral credit for anyone who signs up and pays for a session based on your recommendation
  • Get a good night’s sleep - don’t show up tired!

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