Photoshoot Ready: Little Ondine Nail Polish

This post is, I’m afraid, a bit overdue - but I really must showcase the products of a company I am very happy to use, and would recommend to just about anyone. Little Ondine are the creators of a new kind of nail varnish which has totally changed my personal routine as well as being a revolution in photoshoots. This colour is not only vibrant and exciting, but also very different to anything I have seen before.

The resin-based nature of the polish gives it unique properties. For example, it does not smell at all - so there is no more complaining about the toxic scents wafting out of the bottle while you apply it. It also sets into one single layer which can be peeled off simply and in one section just by slipping a nail from your other hand under the corner. It then lifts off and peels away, so that you can throw it out, leaving your nail underneath clean and smooth.

Can you imagine the effect that this has at photoshoots? It’s astonishingly easy to paint it on, wait a very short time for it to dry, take a few shots, and then peel it off to start again. No more messing around with nail varnish remover or having to scrub your nails clean. It’s also perfect for nail art - imagine if you mess up your design: just peel it off and start again. 

The bottles also come in the cutest little cardboard wraparound boxes, and they also do “twin” sets which come with matching pairs of colours to wear together. Overall, it’s hard to think of a nail product which has changed more about the way I do things. As someone who paints their nails everyday and also relies on good nail varnish in professional shooting situations, I can happily now say I don’t need to buy another brand ever again. 

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