New Years Resolutions for Models

Are you an aspiring model? Looking for a reason to be extra good this year? Here are the top ten New Years Resolutions you should consider (and stick to!) before 2016 is out.

1. Improve your portfolio

Make sure you are always working on your portfolio. If you can raise the level of at least half your images, it’s been a good year. Remember that tear sheets can have more impact than simple studio shots, proving that you are good enough to be published.

2. Work on your body

If you already have perfection, it’s important to work at keeping it. Otherwise, you should aim to get your body into great shape. Your specific goals will depend on the kind of modelling you want to do - for example, runway, print, and fitness models all need a different physique.

3. Organise social media

Do you have a posting schedule for social media? Do you know which hashtags to use, where to post behind the scenes snaps, and how to add photos to Twitter? Get your social media up to the next level.

4. Improve your relationships

Make sure that you work on your relationships with people in the industry. Here’s a starting point - have you wished a happy new year to the people you worked with in 2016? How about commenting on the social posts of someone you would like to work with?

5. Boost your health

It’s no good being in peak shape if you are ill all the time. Look after yourself! Eat well, keep fit, and make sure your immune system is in good shape. Don’t go out all night drinking if you know it gives you spots, makes you ill, or leaves you tired.

6. Learn your craft

Do you need help getting started or progressing to the next level of modelling? I have a lot of tips here on the blog, and you can also take one of my tuition sessions to get yourself in gear.

7. Get out there

Make yourself a goal to apply to a set number of casting calls per week. Find out when the big fashion events are throughout the year and go to them even if you aren’t working. Get yourself seen!

8. Learn new skills

Models who can multitask are valuable. Learn how to do your make up like a pro this year, or focus on learning how to create different hairstyles. Yes, boys too! This could get you more castings, as it means the photographer doesn’t need extra team members.

9. Shoot, shoot, shoot

The important thing about getting ahead in modelling is keeping that momentum up. Try to make sure that you are shooting at least once or twice a month - more often if you are looking to become a professional.

10. Change your look

Something that can really get you noticed is a strong look. So how about it? Could you get a new haircut? A tattoo or piercing for alternative models? Colored contact lenses? It’s a new year, so maybe you can create a new you!

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