My favourite presets, actions, and overlays

These days it seems that more and more photographers are turning their hand to creating and selling presets. I’m not going to be doing that myself, so instead, I’m sharing the presets, actions, and overlays that I enjoy using in Photoshop the most. Try them yourself if you’re a budding photographer!


Summerana is one of my favourite brands for anything Photoshop-related. Full disclosure, I do work for them as a writer - but that’s what gives me access to try and love their products. My favourite Summerana sets are the Glamourana Makeup and Hair Essentials, the Colorosity Lights Actions, and WinterizeMe Actions. I love using all the sets though and they are at the top of my list in Photoshop! That link above is an affiliate link that will give you a free trial membership, so give it a shot.

Totally Rad

This was actually the first actions brand I encountered and I still love using them. My favourites are in the TRA2 - The Revenge set. I love all the Get Faded actions and the black and white conversion tools are amazing too. These used to be my go-to actions until I discovered Summerana!


I found these actions when I was looking for a way to recreate some of the Instagram filters in Photoshop. Lo and behold, I found Instant Hipster - the set which is actually designed to recreate them! They only had a limited set when I downloaded them, and it may be that more have been added since, but mine is a little older and only includes the original filters rather than some of the newer options.

Vandelay Design

Finally, this is one that I only discovered recently. You can download these actions for free, and I actually found them on a site dedicated to collecting free actions together. Desert Dust and Sunken Sunlight are the best I’ve found so far, although I do have a couple more waiting to be tried out!

Do you have any favourite actions? I’d be interested to hear about them and give them a try.

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