LFW Report - SS17

It’s about that time where I bring you news from the latest LFW!

I had a lot of fun for SS17, with a whole ton of shoots as well as a couple of shows that I attended after invitation from the designers.

The first was PA5H London - I can’t share any of those with you just yet, as I’m waiting on publication in a couple of places. So look out for those coming soon! As for the show, I absolutely loved it: lots of deconstruction as well as bold reds, blacks, and whites, all of which was just stunning.

Another of the shows I attended was Nina Naustdal, and Nina herself has used a few of my images on her Instagram account so far. I’ve shared a few of those below. The show was so adorable as the children’s range had just as much glamour and extravagance as the adult clothing, and dogs were dressed up along with them too. 

I worked with a group of models during LFW as well, so expect to see their shoots popping up in my galleries soon. I shared the shoots live on Instagram Stories, so follow me if you want to see more events in the future!

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