Inspirational Instagram Accounts

I LOVE Instagram - you guys know that! Today I thought I’d share my top five accounts that I follow for inspiration. If you take a look at some of these, make sure to follow me as well! These accounts are great for both photographers and models, as they give plenty of inspiration on both sides.

1. Dark Beauty Magazine

You probably already know about this magazine, as it’s one of the biggest out there in the world of fashion. It’s an aspirational goal to see your work there, and their account is always on point. A must-follow, especially if you or one of your photographers submits work there.

2. Jute Magazine

Here’s a magazine I’ve been published in previously! Jute features gorgeous fashion spreads under the watchful eye of a savvy editor. From the wonderful to the bizarre, their high-fashion images are always a source of inspiration on how to make the perfect editorial.

3. Marc Hayden

This photographer is hugely prolific, and a lot of his images are taken in public places like cafes. I love the aesthetic and the daring. He also works with some of the freshest faces around, so he is definitely one to watch if you need models (or want to be one).

4. A. M. Lorek

Here’s another world entirely! This photographer’s work has a real sense of the fairytale about it, with pastel colours, muted tones, and fantastical costumes coming together. She only has a few models she works with regularly, and they are all stunning. You’ll want to shoot in a forest after seeing her work.

5. Nicholas Javed

Finally, this is another photographer who always has something to post. His work is somewhat diverse, but often entertaining. Pose inspiration is definitely to be found amongst his images, which are taken in all sorts of locations and with all sorts of themes.

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