Inside My Camera Bag

The last blog post I wrote was all about travelling light, so this week I’m demonstrating exactly how I do that. This is the bag I use to carry my camera out and about - you’ll have to excuse the camera phone quality photos here as of course my trusty DSLR has to remain in the shot!

As you can see, it’s pretty huge. The point of this is so that it has plenty of room for everything. Let’s take a look inside:

And finally, here’s everything set out from unpacking. I include model releases, business cards, a spare lens, and a flashgun in the set I normally carry around. There’s a reflector too, although that doesn’t always quite fit unless I push things around a bit!

If you want to see my kit in action, just get in touch to book a session. I’m available for model portfolios as well as everything you can read on my services page.

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