How to Wear Makeup for a Photoshoot

Whether you’re a professional model, or going in for a portrait session, you’ll need to figure out how to do your own makeup for a shoot now and then. While professional shoots often come with makeup artists - or MUAs - they won’t always. Here are some key tips for ensuring that your makeup is on point every time.

  • Don’t go dramatic unless you have previously discussed it with the photographer. Dramatic styles often don’t work for simple portrait shoots and may not fit the overall mood of the session. 
  • Wear a classic look rather than something that’s in fashion right now. You don’t want to date the photographs.
  • Focus on the eyes or the lips. Don’t go too bold on both.
  • If you aren’t very comfortable with makeup, try watching YouTube tutorials to get the hang of certain looks and practice a lot before the day.
  • False eyelashes look great, but only if you can get them on properly - don’t risk shooting with wonky or loose lashes.
  • A natural look always impresses more than something bolder.
  • Book in to a salon before the shoot if you’re really not sure you can pull it off.

What are your biggest makeup questions for photoshoots? Ask away in the comments below.

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