How to Style Your Own Hair for a Photoshoot

When you’re heading for a photoshoot without a hair stylist booked in, what can you do? It’s important to figure out how to style your own hair, whether you’re having a one-off portrait session or you are working as a model. Here are a few tips to help you to get it right.

- Ask the photographer! If you’re a model, they probably have a certain style that they want you to follow. If you’re sitting for a portrait session it’s more down to your personal choice.

- Look at your portfolio. If you’re a model who has been cast for a role, then you should probably look as similar to the majority of your portfolio images as possible, as this is what the casting decision has been based on.

- Learn a simple, unfussy look - in most cases, wearing your hair down and straightening it will work wonders. It doesn’t take a lot of effort or time to do.

- Head for YouTube. Here you will find lots of tutorials on how to do different hairstyles, such as more complex updos or period appropriate looks. You can often find tips on Pinterest as well. Make sure that the style fits the photoshoot or your hard work will be undone!

- When you have your hair cut, consider the styling. If you have layers or bangs cut in, it’s a lot easier to style your hair in a specific way. If you leave it untouched and simply cut in a straight line at the bottom to remove split ends, you have more of a blank slate.

- Bring a mirror and styling products with you to the photoshoot. If the journey messes up part of your hairstyle, you can redo it and keep it looking as good as it did when you left home.

- If it’s very intricate, you could wear a headscarf over your hair while traveling to protect it from wind and rain!

- If wearing your hair down, bring a hairtie. Being able to quickly scoop your hair into a ponytail will give you an extra look to try on set!

If you want to book a portrait session, or you are interested in expanding your portfolio, make sure to get in touch!

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