How PCI Studio Got Its Name

Here’s a bit more of a personal post this week: I wanted to explain a bit about the origins of PCI Studio, what inspired me to create it, and where the name itself comes from.

PCI Studio first started its journey back in 2009, when I was a student at the University of Hertfordshire. I had already been shooting portraiture since 2006 but was now looking to put everything under a business name. At that time I was very much focused on photographing motorsport, and wanted my name to reflect that. Thus, Petrol Cap Images was born - a black and white logo modelled on a petrol cap was created to match, which you will no doubt have spotted on my earlier work. “Cap” stood for Cars And People, which reflected what I was interested in taking pictures of.

Fast-forward to after graduation, when I opened my first studio space in St Albans. This was more focused on portraiture and fashion, and - on the second floor of an office building - definitely not suited to motorsports work! While I still photograph motorsports from time to time, my focus had definitely shifted. That’s when I decided that my work under this umbrella should be known as PCI Studio, or Petrol Cap Images Studio, to differentiate from my live motorsports work.

So now you know - and it’s interesting to see how my skills and interests have grown in a way that ever-increasingly leans towards portraiture and fashion work. I still own the domain, but these days it’s pointed towards this site as a showcase of my main work. If you are interested in seeing my motorsports stuff, you can check out my flickr or get in touch to discuss hiring and view my main portfolio.

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