Get rid of pervert photographers once and for all

Models… you most likely know what I’m talking about. It’s a sad fact, but some photographers aren’t really in it for the money or the art. They’re in it for something else entirely. Some of them are really just perverts in disguise.

It’s truly disgusting, but photographers may try to take advantage of you - especially if you are a young woman, and even more especially if they think there’s a chance you will take your clothes off for the shoot. You may end up getting emails, private messages, follows, comments, and all the rest from photographers who are really just perverts. While that can be creepy, it’s a lot better than ending up trapped in a studio with one. Here’s how to get rid of pervert photographers once and for all.

1. Be clear

On your modelling profile and in any interactions you have with photographers, make your limits clear. If you won’t shoot nude or implied, state that right from the outset. Anyone who is just looking for that kind of model would be wasting your time anyway, so there’s nothing lost by putting that out there. If you will do nude, just be careful about who you do it with.

2. Be safe

When you aren’t sure about a situation, you can always ask to bring an escort with you. If your escort happens to be a tall, muscular male, so much the better. What legitimate photographer would have any problem with you having an escort? If they tell you that you can’t bring one, reconsider the shoot. Seriously.

3. Be discreet

When you are on set, feel free to demand the rights that you feel you are entitled to. If you are not comfortable to get undressed in front of your photographer, ask them for a changing room or even just the nearest toilets. There is nothing wrong with protecting your body, and if they make you feel that way, it may be time to make an early exit. Remember: just because you’re a model, doesn’t mean you have to take your clothes off on every shoot.

4. Be consistent

No one should make you do something you’re not comfortable with. That said, if you used to do nude shots but aren’t interested in it any more, don’t keep them in your profile. In fact, keep nudes to a minimum unless that’s your sole area of interest. Simply put, a pervert is going to come and look at nude pictures because they’re a pervert. Don’t be surprised if you get requests from perverts who want to take more nude pictures of you when they see them.

5. Be firm

If you’re on set and the photographer is getting a little too close, wants you to do too much, or has a vibe that makes you feel really uneasy, it might be time to get out of there. If you get asked to do something you don’t want to, be firm and clear. Say no. Don’t go along with it because you’re on set - no matter how famous the photographer is or how much they are paying you. It’s just not worth it.

6. Respect yourself

Similar to the above, put a value on your body. It is powerful and it is yours, and if you don’t want it to be seen or touched by anyone else for as long as you live, that’s your perogative. No one can tell you otherwise. Respect yourself enough to not let them convince you.

7. Be dismissive

If you get friend requests, messages, and so on and so forth from someone who seems to be a pervert - don’t lose any sleep over it. Delete the message, block the request, report them if you have to. Get them out of your profile or inbox and get on with your life. 

8. Be thorough

Before you shoot, check references. Look at the comments and feedback left for your photographer. Are people generally happy with their shots? Do they shoot the same models on multiple occasions? Most importantly, if they have invited you to a clothed shoot, is their gallery only full of nudes? Asking these questions can bring up the warning signs at the right times, and that can get you out of a tricky situation before you get into it. 

Have you had any problems with pervert photographers? Fingers crossed the answer is no, but if you want some help avoiding them in future, feel free to get in touch with your story.

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