Get Photoshoot Ready Skin: Heaven For Men

As a model, skincare is very important. For girls, you need to make sure that you have good skin so that make-up sits nicely on you. It’s also really useful for cutting down on the amount of work a photographer has to do when they retouch you, which could just make you their new favourite model. And guys - you don’t get off the hook either. You especially need photoshoot ready skin at all times, because it’s less likely that you will be given make-up - and if you are, it will be minimal contouring. Bad skin is a no-no.

You also need to make sure that your skin looks and feels young. The younger you look, the longer you can work for. Fine lines you may get away with, but deep signs of aging need to be fought for as long as possible. 

That’s where Heaven by Deborah Mitchell come in, with their new range of products for men. We met them recently at a blogger event and we were lucky enough to get a sample pack of the range, which offers three easy steps for great skincare. Jared, who is often my assistant, decided to try this one out and see what would happen to his skin.

The three stages are as follows: you first have the pre-shave scrub. You apply this over your face and then rinse with warm water before you shave. Number two is the post shave refining hydrogel, which is used after shaving and rubbed into your beard if you still have one. You use it over your whole face, including the eye region. Finally you have the 02 eye cream with organic bee venom and vitamins A and E. This goes around the eyes and on any individual lines you want to work on, giving you an extra smoothing.

Jared found that the scrub was very effective at lifting up hairs before the shave, making it easier to get a good close shave. The after-shave balm had a soothing effect which lasted for a few hours if not all day, and his skin was left feeling very smooth. The eye cream noticeably reduced the bags under his eyes and made the skin of the area very soft and supple. 

Below is a set of images showing the effects on his skin over the first seven days of use.

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