Feature: Spring Shoot Day 2016

It seems very recently that I featured the last shoot day, but here we are again! This time around we followed the same type of format as before, heading out in groups to explore and find some great places to shoot. The results were fantastic from all involved, and we had the chance to fit in a bit of networking between us as well.

Below are a small selection of shots from the day! You can see Yasmina, Remell, Taylor, and Beau. Also present were Ranwant and Diana! I’ve uploaded a full set of images to Facebook, and of course you can see plenty of updates over on Instagram too. If you were following along on Snapchat on the day (@pcistudio) you would have seen the behind-the-scenes shots and videos too! 

I’ll be uploading a few more photos from this shoot later on, so keep an eye out for those going into the galleries here. If you are interested in taking part in a shoot day in the future, be sure to sign up to my mailing list (head to the contact page for more details).

I also have a couple of slots left for shooting in London coming up, so if you like the images below and would like to create something similar, get in touch via the contact page ASAP.

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