Event Feature: Clothes Show

In December I attended the last ever Clothes Show as a press photographer, and you may already have seen the images plus write-up I had published in Dreamingless Magazine. 

The event was smaller than previous years, and it has always been easy to see why they might want to shut it down - the amount of halls has dwindled since I first started covering the show. They are also attracting fewer and fewer special guests: last year’s Little Mix was followed by a few unknown musicians this year. Sad to say they just haven’t been pushing the show far enough to make it exciting and get consumers involved.

It was always great to watch the Fashion Theatre, and this year provided plenty of thrills - although the new stage layout did make our job a little harder as photographers, that just made for some great creative shots. It’s a shame that they have closed the show’s doors for good, but there are plenty of other great events that offer catwalks and shows throughout the year. If you are a retailer, then Pure London has to be the best. London Fashion Week, of course, is the main event of the year both times it occurs, and there are a few smaller shows which might just step up to fill the Clothes Show void. It’s merging with a show in Liverpool next year, and while it might be fun to see the Fashion Theatre, the old charm of the show is gone for good.

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