Brand Features - Pure and Scoop S/S17

Recently I attended the Pure London and Scoop and the City fashion shows, and today I wanted to share some brands that gave out gifts to members of the press. We’re under no obligation to share details, but it’s always so lovely when we have some freebies to take home that I wanted to feature them here!

These gifts are actually perhaps the nicest I’ve had from any round of shows, though it helps that this year there were two on the same date. I had items from Alice in Perfume, Mezzanote, JNBY, and more - which you’re about to see for yourself.

The video below was first posted on Snapchat, and later compiled into one video so you can watch it all in one go on YouTube. Have a watch, and let me know which of these gifts you’re most impressed by in the comments section!

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