Am I Model Material? A Guide

This week I’ll be shooting with lots of models, both beginners and experienced, during LFW. All of that has me thinking: how can you tell if you’re model material? There are a few things to consider, so let’s get stuck right in.

1. Do you have an interesting look?

Notice how I said interesting - not just pretty or beautiful. Models can be beautiful, but they can be weird and wonderful too. Sometimes having an unusual look will get you more bookings than being conventionally gorgeous. The way you look will also dictate what kind of modelling you can do. 

2. Are you willing to change?

Some models don’t really get anywhere despite booking test shoot after test shoot. What’s that all about? Well, for most people, something needs to change to make them a superstar. You can’t be a supermodel if you look like the average girl or guy on the street. If your agent told you to dye your hair, would you do it? If you needed to cut it all off for a show, would you do it? If you had to lose weight, or put it on, would you? Sticking to your guns is admirable, but it will normally relegate you to alternative modelling or being an eternal amateur, so it’s about deciding what’s most important to you.

3. Do photographers like you?

A good way to find out if you are model material is to sign up for a site like StarNow or Model Mayhem and apply to shoots. If photographers want to hire you, it’s a good sign that you might be model material. If they are pleased with the results of the shoot, that’s another good sign. If, however, you’re applying constantly with no results, it might be time to reassess. 

4. Would you invest in your modelling?

In order to get started, sometimes it’s important to invest in your own potential. A portfolio building session or model tuition can give you a boost over other beginners. But if you aren’t willing to take that plunge, you might never get anywhere. If you are considering book portfolio sessions or tuition, get in touch with me and we’ll discuss setting something up that suits you the best.

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