24 Hours to Improve Your Modelling

Is your New Year’s resolution to start modelling? Perhaps you already model and want to get better at it? You can book on to my modelling tuition programme if you want to improve quickly. Even if you only have one day to spare, this quick guide can get you ready in no time at all. Follow this schedule to improve your modelling in just 24 hours…

8am: Rise bright and early - and get used to it. Plenty of photoshoots take place early in the morning to get the best light on location. You could even be finished by this time if shooting in summer! Plus, an early start means more time to get things done during the day.

9am: Once you’re done getting dressed, make sure you eat a healthy breakfast. Go for a balance of fruit and fibre if possible to get yourself set up for the day. It is recommended that you eat within an hour of waking up so that your body can start to use the nutrition.

10am: Do your research! Open Pinterest, scout on Instagram, or just use Google Images. Look for the kind of modelling that you would like to do. Keep track of your favourite images and put together a collection for inspiration. You can print them out if you prefer this to looking at a screen.

11am: Now that you have your inspiration handy, really look at the models. What kind of poses do they adopt? Where do they look? What facial expressions do they have? What about hair colour and style? Make a note of anything that seems to be a common theme. This is your wishlist.

12pm: Time for lunch. Good nutrition is important to staying healthy, and hunger can be a distraction. Again, try to ensure that you get some fruit or vegetables in there. A good natural energy boost can keep you going for much longer than an artificial boost from sugary or salty snacks!

1pm: Time to put your wishlist into action. Stand in front of the mirror and try out the poses and expressions that you saw in your inspiration. If you have a friend or family member handy, ask them to take snaps on their mobile phone. Compare these to your inspiration and try to get as close as possible to the real thing.

2pm: Time to shake things up! Drop the wishlist and pull your own poses for a while. If no one else can help, take snaps on your own mobile phone, or set up a camera with a timer. Make it up as you go along! Then it’s time to review the images and see if any of your poses worked well. Put them on your wishlist too if they did.

3pm: Let’s beat the mid-afternoon slump! Three hours after lunch, your energy levels can drop. Drink a glass of water and engage in some exercise - I recommend the Ballet Beautiful series. Victoria’s Secret models swear by it, and you can find plenty of sample videos on YouTube. Toning up a bit will give you more energy, help you feel great, and get you looking great too. Relax and eat some fruit if you want to top up.

4pm: Time to start putting your skills to good use. Set aside one hour for applying to casting calls or contacting photographers. Your portfolio needs to be good and stay fresh, so consider taking on TFP projects if they sound worthwhile. As a beginner, look for photographers who want to test or consider paying for a portfolio shoot.

5pm: Maintenance time! While you wait for those offers to come in, let’s get you looking at your best. Do you need a haircut? Book one now. Could you fit in a manicure before that next shoot and get your nails done in a colour the photographer wants? How is your make up collection - could you do with filling in some blanks?

6pm: Take a shower. Keeping your skin and hair clean and healthy is very important for a model. Always make sure that you are fresh and natural when you get to a shoot - clean hair and a clear face are the easiest tools for a make up artist to work with. Try hair conditioning masks if you have issues with frizz and dryness.

7pm: Time to eat again already?! Keeping a regular eating schedule is really important when you aren’t shooting. It helps keep your metabolism working right, and gets rid of complications. If you always eat at the same time, you are not going to waste time deciding when to eat. Simple. Keep to the healthy theme and allow yourself a little treat if you feel you’ve earned one.

8pm: Let’s work on your modelling page. No matter what social network you use to promote yourself, it’s important to keep it ticking over. If you’re on Instagram, I challenge you to like 50 images posted by photographers or models and comment on your ten favourites. You can cheat and go for any old photos, but choosing those that you genuinely like will yield better results. If you’re on Twitter, RT or reply to 15 models or photographers. Facebookers should find some modelling groups to join - post your availability in at least five. Then find a photographer in your local area you would like to shoot with and comment something nice on their fan page.

9pm: Work on your walk! If you want to be a catwalk model, this is essential. You need a full length mirror and a long walk up to it. Practice it until you like what you see, then ask someone else to critique you. Even if catwalk is not your thing, you may want to give it a go to improve your motion shots. These can come up in all kinds of photoshoots! Ask a friend to take photos as you walk so you can see what you look like in each shot.

10pm: Check your emails time. Some of the casting calls you replied to before may have generated responses. Don’t keep people waiting - someone else might get in there quicker than you do. Be polite! You can also check up on your modelling page and see if you have had any views, comments, likes, or follows since your session earlier today.

11pm: Cleansing routines can keep your skin clean and blemish free, while moisturising can keep it young and supple for longer. Keep those wrinkles at bay and extend your modelling career by taking good care of your skin on a daily basis.

12am: The clock chimes midnight and Cinderella must leave the ball! A good night’s sleep is essential, so make sure that you get six hours or more every night. Eight hours is preferential before a shoot, particularly if it is a big one. Those big bags under your eyes cost the make up artist time - and you will work better when you are feeling fresh.

1am-8am: Get a good rest, and then rise and shine bright and early at 8am. Still feel like you need more work? Repeat this cycle and see how much work you can pick up!

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