How to Ace a Go-See

Recently I had a question on Instagram: how do you get represented by an agency? One of the hurdles that you have to learn how to jump is the go-see. This is when you literally go to see an agent, normally so they can see you in person and assess whether you are a good fit for them. It’s also used by brands to figure out whether you will be able to work for them - for example, on the runway, or as part of an advertising campaign.

Go-sees have been a staple of the modelling industry for a long time, and you can think of them as being like an audition. When Tyra Banks was trying to get started in the industry, she apparently went to up to 10 go-sees a day. Here are some tips to help you ace those go-sees and land the jobs.

1. Practice makes perfect. Before you head down to a go-see, make sure to practice your poses and facial expressions, as well as your walk if relevant. Don’t ever go to a go-see without having prepared - they will rip you to shreds if you do.

2. Research the agency or the client before you go. What do they look for in models? Are they running a scam? What do other models say about them? This helps you not only prepare to impress them, but also protect yourself.

3. Wear minimal make-up so your natural look shines through, and the same for your nails. You should also pull your hair back into a ponytail to allow them to see your bone structure clearly.

4. Bring a pair of heels in case you need to walk. Wear flesh coloured underwear or none at all in case you need to try something on.

5. Don’t be late. Seriously.

6. Be honest! If you’re a beginner, let them know. It’s okay to be just starting out. It’s not okay to lie about your experience and then get caught out.

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