10 Instagram Layout Ideas

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably have noticed that I follow a strict layout pattern on my page. I have a set of 6 slots which rotate between different shoots and sets, with every 3rd post being related to something else (such as my writing, my published tearsheets, or items I have for sale). This is just one idea for posting on Instagram, with the 9 post cycle taking up the top 9 image slots that you can see in one screen when browsing. Here are some more ideas for you to try yourself.

1. Third column videos

Have lots of behind the scenes videos? Or do you act/video on the side? You can share clips of up to one minute in your third column. It doesn’t matter when you start, because you can just follow the column rule from then on.

2. Quote column

You could dedicate one column of your Instagram page to quotes and inspiration from other sources. You could even include reviews or testimonials about your work.

3. Colour bars

Why not try to set things up so that each line of your posts represent the same colour? You could also go for a rainbow by posting in the following order: one predominantly red image, one orange, one yellow, one green, one blue, one purple, one black or white. You might find this difficult unless you have a large body of work which you haven’t yet shared.

4. You/You/Someone else

Why not post two images of your work followed by one of someone else’s? This could be someone you admire, a source of inspiration, someone you like and want to bring people to, or so forth. It’s a great way to gain followers as everyone wants to be featured on a popular account.

5. Portrait/Landscape

Why not try alternating the types of image you post? As a photographer, you could alternate portraits and landscapes for an interesting juxtaposition. As a model, you could have images of your modelling work interspersed with images of your daily life.

6. Honeycomb

This one requires planning to pull off, but it can work. Create a honeycomb grid with your images. Imagine a plan like this:

portrait - black square - portrait

black square - portrait - black square

portrait - black square - portrait

This is a simple alternating pattern, but you could make something more complicated if you like.

7. Multi-post images

You can split images down into multiple posts so that the full image is viewable only from your profile page. This isn’t recommended as much anymore as it is very overdone, and you will then have to post a minimum of 3 images at a time in the future to avoid disrupting the effect.

8. Graphic column

You can dedicate a column to graphics only. This could be things like advice or tips, or it could be memes you have seen that you like, or so on. It’s even better if you can create the graphics yourself or have someone make them for you.

9. Simple and professional

Finally, why not just keep it simple? You can resolve to only share professional images to your profile, keeping everything else for your Instagram stories. This will make your page look sleek and keep the flow uninterrupted.

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